Use Custom Framing to Design Your Next Mirror



When most people set out to re-design their home or office, mirrors are usually the last thing they think about. While finding photographs, prints, and other artwork to spice up your walls is common, did you know that mirrors can be a good fit in places other than, well, the bathroom? That’s right, a beautiful mirror can open space, enhance your décor and brighten an empty wall when you can’t find the right picture.

Mirrors also provide a second form of security for your home or office. Placing them strategically in a large foyer or hallway can expand your viewing area, allowing you to see an entrance or window from multiple angles.


Okay, so now you’re thinking of purchasing one, maybe even two mirrors. Before you close the computer and waltz to your nearest home décor store, ask yourself some questions: What would you like your mirror to look like? What size do you want your mirror to be? Horizontal or vertical? Does every mirror have to be oval or circular? Why not square? What happens when none of the colors at the store match what you had in mind? Wouldn’t it be great to have a mirror just like the frame that great-aunt Myrtle’s wedding photo is in? If any of these questions leave you feeling a bit unsure, it’s time to visit your local framer.

While custom framing is marketed as a way to protect your paintings, photos and memorabilia, it’s also a wonderful place to design your very own mirror, which is really a sheet of mirrored glass inside of a frame. And while there are many lovely ready-to-go mirrors at stores, they aren’t always what you need. At a custom frame shop, you can choose from hundreds of mouldings to find the frame you like, pick a size for the mirror and presto! You have a customized mirror ready to hang on your wall.You can even choose a frame to transform a current mirror that’s hanging solo, like traditional bathroom mirrors, and spice up your room. It’s just that simple—and personal.

We framed this 24 x 48 inch mirror glass with a bold pewter moulding to show how sleek and modern you can go. Custom framing can enhance a mirror’s look and feel. Custom framing also allows you to reclaim designing power, and expand your mirror options beyond one aisle of a home decor store.

So, next time you’re in the market for a mirror to accent your design, visit your local framer and ask about creating a custom mirror from the frame of your choice. It’s a decision you won’t regret. After all, you deserve to choose which moulding will grace your beautiful reflection! Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your design story!

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