Treating Powder Post Beetles in Picture Frames

Many things come to mind when thinking about possible damage to artwork: drops, spills, moisture, cracks, and the like. Bugs are just one of the many potential enemies to works on paper that can destroy precious artwork and photos even after a new frame job. Powder post beetles are a common pest known to leave tiny holes in picture frames as well as beams, furniture, toys, and more. The powder post beetle is a kind of wood-boring insect that lives inside of a wooden structure and eats its way through until adulthood. While powder post beetle damage doesn’t happen frequently, we see it from time to time, whether it’s a frame corner that suddenly has wood dust beneath it, or a picture frame sporting fresh holes, like the one you’ll read about below.

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Wrestling Champ’s 105 Year Old Diploma Unearthed at Howze Art

Last week, I made an amazing discovery while repairing a customer’s latest thrift store find. Behind the art print was a high school diploma from 1910, which belonged to a former Big Ten wrestling champ whose life was quite incredible to uncover. Follow the link below to see who he was and find out more about our rare find. Sometimes finding a hidden treasure is all in a day’s work.

Wrestling Champ’s 105 Year Old Diploma Unearthed at Howze Art

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