On Self Portraits and Painting with Music


Self Portrait 2017 by Booker Howze Acrylic on Canvas

In this brief Q&A Booker Howze discusses his inspiration, the challenges of painting a self-portrait and the role of music in his artistic process.

What inspired you to paint the self portrait?
I’ve desired to do one for some time. So many artists have completed portraits of themselves, such as Vincent Van Gogh, whose self portraits I really enjoy. I wanted to capture my personality on canvas. I also wanted to explore the interest I have in anatomy, especially facial anatomy.

What surprised you about yourself during the process?
I am pretty confident in my ability to draw and communicate what I see, but I felt it was a challenge to study myself in a mirror and then transfer that to the canvas. In that regard, I was happy as I watched it develop. It wasn’t easy studying various aspects of my facial features, thinking about them and making that application in a way that displayed my mood, passion, personality and feeling toward people. It was challenging to capture those emotions in my natural expression, without smiling, but I was able to do it.

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Treating Powder Post Beetles in Picture Frames

Many things come to mind when thinking about possible damage to artwork: drops, spills, moisture, cracks, and the like. Bugs are just one of the many potential enemies to works on paper that can destroy precious artwork and photos even after a new frame job. Powder post beetles are a common pest known to leave tiny holes in picture frames as well as beams, furniture, toys, and more. The powder post beetle is a kind of wood-boring insect that lives inside of a wooden structure and eats its way through until adulthood. While powder post beetle damage doesn’t happen frequently, we see it from time to time, whether it’s a frame corner that suddenly has wood dust beneath it, or a picture frame sporting fresh holes, like the one you’ll read about below.

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Picture Framing Can Be Pricey – Here’s Why It’s a Good Investment


There’s nothing like bringing home a newly framed painting or photo. Something about the intricate moulding and crystal clear glass transforms the art into something magical. Once it’s hung on the wall, artwork quickly becomes a talking point in our homes, a centerpiece of the wall, so to speak. Artwork and professionally framed photos or heirlooms make our homes look wealthy and substantive. Whether you live in 200 square feet of space or 20,000, a blank wall can make you feel isolated. But a wall filled with vibrant art sets the tone for how your guests—and you—will feel in the space.

So why are we sometimes hesitant to step through a framer’s door? It’s very unexpected to pick out combinations that look great on a picture and then hear your framer quote a price that causes you to think you mortgaged the house! To be honest, custom framing is not an inexpensive endeavor. While you can frame something very nicely for an economical price (under $100), it’s not uncommon to find yourself paying more for the framing than the artwork itself. Crazy, right? Not really.
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Why Conservation Framing is Important


two pictures

When someone hears the phrase “conservation framing” it’s likely that he/she may have a slightly bewildered look or blank stare. What makes conservation framing different from regular framing? Conservation. Isn’t that what museums do to keep historic documents from crumbling? Is conservation a fancy word frame shops use to jack up prices? Let’s walk through the differences, and the pros and cons of both.
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Use Custom Framing to Design Your Next Mirror



When most people set out to re-design their home or office, mirrors are usually the last thing they think about. While finding photographs, prints, and other artwork to spice up your walls is common, did you know that mirrors can be a good fit in places other than, well, the bathroom? That’s right, a beautiful mirror can open space, enhance your décor and brighten an empty wall when you can’t find the right picture.

Mirrors also provide a second form of security for your home or office. Placing them strategically in a large foyer or hallway can expand your viewing area, allowing you to see an entrance or window from multiple angles.

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We Are Relocating!

After two wonderful years serving the community at our Woodcroft location we are relocating to a new office at 6015 Fayetteville Road Ste. 112 Durham, NC 27713. This space features expanded room for our art classes and workshops, and more efficient space to fulfill our clients’ custom framing, picture repair, and printing needs. Fine art and supplies will still be available to our customers in store and online.

What else is new? Our hours of operation. We will remain open an additional 30 minutes throughout the week: 9am-6pm Mon-Fri. Saturdays are now by appointment only. If you’d like to have an art class, custom framing, or printing session on a Saturday, just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

These are just a few of the exciting changes we think you’ll enjoy as we enter the next stage of our business. Below are directions to our new office and a moving promotion, featuring 20% OFF custom framing or giclee printing and 1 FREE hour of art instruction with the purchase of 3 art classes. Hurry in, the offer lasts until July 29th!

Moving-Direct-Mail_EmailIf you have questions about any of our services give us a call at 919-401-4510 or send an e-mail to customer.service@howzeart.com. Howze Art opens on Fayetteville Road Monday July 20th. We look forward to seeing you there!

Wrestling Champ’s 105 Year Old Diploma Unearthed at Howze Art

Last week, I made an amazing discovery while repairing a customer’s latest thrift store find. Behind the art print was a high school diploma from 1910, which belonged to a former Big Ten wrestling champ whose life was quite incredible to uncover. Follow the link below to see who he was and find out more about our rare find. Sometimes finding a hidden treasure is all in a day’s work.

Wrestling Champ’s 105 Year Old Diploma Unearthed at Howze Art

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